World Hydrogen Energy Summit: 16-17 November 2021

The World Hydrogen Energy Summit is the Energy And Environment Foundation’s global event offering a unique platform for hydrogen leaders to explore new energy futures. The theme of the summit is “Green Hydrogen: Cleaner and Zero Emission Fuel for a Sustainable Green Economy”.

Green Hydrogen is expected to emerge as a $12-15 trillion Global industry by 2050. Green Hydrogen has the potential to become a key component of the energy mix in next few decades that has captured a clear investor interest in the World Hydrogen Summit & Expo 2021.



Hydrogen Leaders annual gathering coincides with the World Hydrogen Energy Summit. This World Hydrogen Energy Summit provides an opportunity to explore cleaner and zero emission fuel issues, network with peers and learn from high-level speakers including policymakers, industry leaders and experts.


World Hydrogen Energy Summit has the objective of engaging, empowering women hydrogen leaders. The summit advocated for a more inclusive working environment for women professionals whilst honoring and recognizing both women and men who are making an impact in in the hydrogen industry.


The Global Hydrogen Awards is an international award for outstanding scientific research and technological development in hydrogen. Since 2010, the Energy And Environment Foundation has been awarded to Laureates from the Globle in Energy & Water Sectors.


Under the theme “Green Hydrogen: Cleaner and Zero Emission Fuel for Sustainable Green Economy”, the World Hydrogen Energy S​ummit lead delegates through a two-day interactive programed designed and developed to address the most critical issues facing the global hydrogen industry today.

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About the Energy And Environment Foundation

Energy is the lifeblood of modern economies. Everything we do requires energy. By 2050 around 10 billion people will be living on this planet. Energy requirements will increase manifold. Expanding reliable and affordable supplies of energy will support industry, modern agriculture, increased trade, improved transportation, expanded communications, health, cutting-edge medical equipments and procedures and much more. These are building blocks of economic growth that create jobs that help people escape poverty and create better lives for their children. For these reasons and more, energy issues are vitally important and demand our understanding.